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One of the best advances that has occurred in dentistry is the ability to mill beautiful restorations without the use of a dental lab. Meadows Dental Care is proud to offer excellent care that includes chair-side milling using CEREC technology. Using this system, our dentists can create high quality crowns in a single appointment, restoring functionality in the most beautiful, efficient way.

Restoring a tooth or teeth with a dental crown typically takes a few weeks, beginning with a visit in which the tooth is prepared and impressions are taken. A mould of the tooth is sent to a dental lab, where the crown is made. With CEREC, we are not only able to expedite the process by eliminating the dental lab, but are also able to improve the dental experience by using state-of-the-art technology. In the CEREC process, there is no need for messy impressions. A 3D model of the tooth is achieved using digital imaging in which details of the tooth are captured and processed in special software. The model of the tooth is received by the CEREC milling machine, in which computer assisted manufacturing, CAM, produces a beautifully accurate restoration.

The importance of accuracy is seen in the fit of the restoration. CEREC crowns have been shown to have an accuracy of +/- 25 microns, which leads to the longevity of these crowns, many of which are still going strong a few decades after placement.

One of the benefits of CEREC crowns, aside from same-day care, is that crowns can be fabricated from a number of different metal-free materials, such a porcelain or feldspar zirconia. Crowns are cut from solid blocks of durable ceramic made specifically for dental use. The results are indiscernible from natural enamel. In several different studies, which can be found on the CEREC website, the longevity demonstrated by CEREC crowns rivals that of gold restorations, previously believed the highest standard.

Our team is dedicated to treating patients with personalized care, which we can do by offering options for every situation. Small cavities, for instance, may not have a significant impact on tooth structure. That is, until the cavity spreads. Our patients may choose from filling options such as tooth-coloured composite. If a cavity is not treated and becomes large, a standard filling would only prevent further decay. With a CEREC restoration, we are able to stop the spread of decay and also strengthen the damaged tooth.

Don’t wait for tooth damage to make itself obvious. Prevent the pain of tooth damage by scheduling your regular check-up at Meadows Dental Care.

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