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Same day crowns in Peterborough do more than save you time

The ways in which damaged teeth are repaired have improved a great deal through years of consistent research and development. The dental crown, for instance, has been a recognized dental treatment for many years. Through innovations, this common treatment has also evolved. Not only can a crown now look just like a natural tooth, but the entire process can be streamlined in the dental office that utilizes state-of-the-art CEREC technology. The same day crowns designed and fabricated in our Peterborough office make dentistry convenient, and our patients gain several other advantages from this type of care.

CEREC restorations are best known for the time they save patients in the dental office. Typically, a dental crown requires two visits for the completion of repair. This is because crowns are made in a dental lab. The CEREC in-house milling machine allows your dentist to completely repair a damaged tooth in a single visit. While this is wonderful, there are other reasons for the popularity of CEREC restorations, including:
  • Appearance. One of the goals of modern dentistry is to achieve structural support while being mindful of the need for a natural appearance. CEREC restorations are made of beautiful ceramic material that is so similar to enamel that no one will be able to identify your crown from natural teeth.
  • Longevity. In order for a dental treatment to be viable, it must produce results that last. The first CEREC restorations were designed in the 1980s. Many of those first treated with this technology still enjoy the functionality of their original restoration.
  • Compatibility. Historically, the most durable dental restorations have been made with some type of metal material. Not only is metal unattractive, but research has shown that metals react to temperature changes in a way that is different from natural teeth. The ceramic crowns and restorations made in the CEREC milling machine look and act very much like enamel. When heated and cooled, the ceramic material moves at a rate similar to enamel, creating a long lasting, healthy structure.

Patients of Meadows Dental Care benefit from care designed around their needs for convenient, affordable, and long lasting results. Schedule your visit at 01733 711019.
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