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Affordable tooth replacement with dental bridges in Peterborough doesn't skimp on beauty

We need our teeth for a number of reasons. Of course, one of the primary functions of teeth is to break down foods for digestion. Just as important, however, is the role of teeth in the overall beauty of the smile and the face. Everyone has met or seen an image of an aged person without teeth. The effects of tooth loss on the facial contours can be devastating. Even if the extent of tooth loss involves only a few teeth, finding the most suitable replacement is important to the restoration of function and attractiveness. Fortunately, advances in the technologies used in dentistry have made it possible to find affordable tooth replacement such as dental bridges that don't skimp on beauty. In our Peterborough dental office, we consult with patients about their various options and help them regain confidence in their smile.

Treatment options for missing teeth have improved a great deal in recent decades. Most people are at least vaguely familiar with dental implant treatment for tooth loss. While there are significant benefits that stem from the replacement of a tooth and its root, there are patients for whom tooth replacement with a dental bridge is the best option. With attention to detail in the design process, we strive to replicate the function of natural teeth, such as:
  • Support of soft tissues that facilitates chewing and speech
  • Support for surrounding teeth in order to prevent shifting
  • Support for the lips and cheeks to retain youthful facial contours
  • Preserve the natural look of the smile
  • Reinstate the proper distribution of force when chewing

A bridge is more than a partial denture. A partial denture can be removed from the mouth, but the fixed bridge is designed for more permanent results. This form of restoration is made in the dental lab based on a model of the patients' teeth and arch. Instead of sitting on the gums alone, the fixed bridge is stabilized by the teeth on each side of the area where tooth loss has occurred. When properly cared for with brushing and flossing, the dental bridge can restore the look and the functionality of the smile for many years.

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