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It can be easy to take our teeth for granted. Many people do not learn the importance of their teeth until they are facing tooth loss or extraction. When the smile is not filled with a full mouth of teeth, we may notice that it is not only our appearance that is affected, but also functional chewing and clear speech. Depending on the extent of tooth loss, we may also struggle with facial changes that make us look older and less healthy than we feel.
Conventional dentures have been a primary form of tooth replacement for over a century. A removable denture appliance can restore function when only a few teeth are missing as well as when all natural teeth have been lost or removed. Dentures consist of full appliances that contain both beautiful artificial teeth and also a gum-coloured base. Beneath these natural-looking features may lie a metal framework that fits the denture against the gum and bone tissue of the jaw.

Benefits of dentures

The dentists at Meadows Dental Care have decades of experience helping patients achieve their smile and oral health goals. Dentures designed in our office are made to fit well and function for many years. We use the highest quality materials and painstaking precision to achieve the most natural look and feel.
There are many reasons to replace missing teeth with dentures:
  • Chewing efficiency is restored.
  • Speaking remains clear and comfortable.
  • Dentures can supply much-needed support to facial structures by filling in the mouth.
  • The appearance of the smile, as well as the face, is improved with a beautiful denture appliance.
  • Your new smile can last for many years.
Though dentures alone have made a fine replacement for missing teeth, we now have the ability to improve on the existing design by stabilizing dentures with dental implants. With the placement of just a few implants on each arch, dentures become far steadier without the use of denture adhesive. Patients with implant supported dentures find that they can enjoy all sorts of food items without concern that dentures may become loose with chewing. Loose dentures due to bone loss are also less likely, allowing for full confidence when speaking, smiling, and laughing.

Tooth replacement for your needs

Dentures can be used to replace just a few or all teeth in the smile. Partial dentures provide a beautiful solution to missing teeth while allowing you to preserve natural teeth that remain. A partial denture is designed to accentuate the natural oral structure, with artificial teeth colour-matched to natural enamel. In place, a partial denture will create a beautifully natural smile.
Full dentures are used to restore functionality and beauty when there are no remaining natural teeth. A full denture can look just like a natural smile, with teeth shaped, sized, and coloured to create the most authentic appearance.
You do not have to live with missing teeth or an appliance that does not suit your needs. At Meadows Dental Care, we offer several options for tooth replacement. To learn more about our services, or to start your smile design, contact our office at 01733 711019.

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