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Experience the benefits of supported dentures designed near Northborough

Tooth loss is a significant event for an adult. Permanent teeth are vital to lifelong oral health and beauty. As such, we are mindful of the need for suitable replacement when a patient visits our office for tooth replacement. When necessary, we discuss with patients the various benefits of dentures, providing details about options that will facilitate the best outcome. If you live near Northborough or Peterborough, we are happy to consult with you about your options for tooth replacement. While dentures remain a wonderfully affordable treatment for tooth loss, there have been developments in dentistry that can improve the results of denture design.

Modern dentistry has a number of advanced options for patients who have lost permanent teeth. The most significant development in dentistry in decades is dental implants. This form of care revolves more around the missing root more than the visible tooth structure. As such, implants achieve what dentures alone cannot: full stability. Due to the fact that implants are individual prosthetics, many people have the perception that implants for full mouth restoration must be quite costly.

Combined care for outstanding results

Meadows Dental Care patients may be able to achieve their desired result through a combination of the two prosthetics. A full denture is affordable and can be made to look very natural. Alone, this appliance will only sit on top of the gums. This model, we have seen, can be limited in the area of functionality and can affect a person's confidence in smiling and eating. When matched with a few dental implants, the full denture gains stability.

Our dental team designs care around the individual patient. When addressing tooth loss, we consider the long-term benefits of care. Stabilizing a denture with implants means that a patient can smile confidently and can enjoy meals without limitations on food choices. Stabilization also means that the jawbone continues to receive the stimulation it needs to remain healthy.

Tooth replacement is about much more than just putting teeth back into the smile. We believe it is also about recreating functionality and the most natural feel. Regain your smile and your confidence at Meadows Dental Care. Call 01733 711019.
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