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Your implant dentist in Peterborough can help you restore your smile and your confidence

Your smile should be a source of joy and pride. Tooth loss, though something we expect only in childhood, surprisingly affects a great number of adults. By the age of about 45, a large number of adults have lost at least one permanent tooth. This could be due to an injury or to disease. Whatever the cause of tooth loss, there are several reasons to seek the most appropriate treatment for replacement as quickly as possible. Not only does a consultation with your implant dentist in Peterborough help you reinstate your most attractive smile, it can also get you back to a better state of oral health.

Several benefits have been experienced by patients who choose to replace missing teeth with dental implants over other alternatives. These benefits include:

  • When you envision your ideal image, it probably includes a healthy, full smile. By replacing missing teeth with dental implants, you are able to regain the highest level of natural form and function, helping you feel the utmost confidence in your smile.
  • The better you feel about your smile, the better you feel about your appearance as a whole. Since the smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and the feature they are most likely to remember, the benefit to tooth replacement is significant.
  • Ideally, tooth replacement should look and feel just like natural teeth. Alternatives to implants may look more natural than ever before, but the fact remains that dentures and bridges replace only the visible portion of the "missing tooth." To achieve the full benefit of tooth replacement, research has shown that it is vitally important that the missing root be replaced. Dental implants are essentially the replacement root, with the crown, bridge, or denture completing the smile-restoration process.
  • Situated in the jawbone, implants become surrounded and stabilized by natural bone tissue. As such, it is possible for implants to remain fixed in the jaw for a lifetime. No special care is required to maintain implants, just healthy brushing and flossing habits complimented by professional dental care twice a year.

Feel great about your smile. Address the issue of tooth loss at Meadows Dental Care. Contact us for your visit today.

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