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Nervous Patients

At one time, dental anxiety was a problem that was not discussed. Our grandparents had the option of seeing the dentist – fearful or not – or avoiding dental care and risking tooth loss. Your choices are far different. At Meadows Dental Care in the Helpston area, you have the option of keeping your smile healthy and beautiful while working with a dental team who will tailor your treatment plan around your specific needs, including peace of mind.
We cater to nervous patients in several ways:
  • We are happy to consult with patients before any treatment is performed so that we may discuss anxiety and how to handle it.
  • We discuss dental fears and offer suggestions on how to overcome anxiety related to dental care.
  • We fully explain dental treatments beforehand, including steps to take post-treatment to ensure no discomfort occurs.
  • We offer sedation to facilitate calm, relaxing dental treatments.
For many people who feel frightened of even the most routine dental care, anxiety is significant enough to stand in the way of necessary cleanings and treatments. We understand the power of dental anxiety, and offer compassion to patients who have suffered through dental visits in the past, as well as those who may not have seen a dentist in years. Our goal is not to judge any individual for their oral health practices, but to help each of our patients find a way to better care for their smiles so pain and cost are avoided in the future.
When you first visit Meadows Dental Care, you will notice we are different. Our support team, as well as our dental team, are very experienced at what they do, and treat our patients like family. A calm, relaxing atmosphere is important to us, as we want our patients to feel at ease before they ever sit in the treatment chair.
If, during consultation, a dental problem is identified, we will explain exactly what this problem is and why it needs to be repaired. We will provide information on the possible treatment options, and discuss how sedation can set the stage for a pain-free, stress-free procedure.

How sedation helps

Sedation dentistry has helped millions of people get the dental care they need for a healthy smile. There are various forms of sedation available today, each of which accomplishes the same general purpose: relaxation. Regardless of delivery method, a sedative will slow the reaction of the central nervous system, allowing the patient to have dental treatments without feelings of anxiety or fear. Though some people refer to sedation dentistry as “sleep dentistry,” this is inaccurate. Sedation can create a deep feeling of relaxation, and some patients may actually doze off due to this state, but many are also able to remain alert, without fear, and able to communicate with their dental team.
Fear does not have to stand in the way of your healthiest, most attractive smile. Contact Meadows Dental Care to learn more about how we cater to nervous patients.
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