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Getting straight teeth a pleasant process with the Inman Aligner

For many decades, the only way to get straighter teeth was to tolerate brackets and wires strapped to teeth for a year or more. Today, patients of Meadows Dental Care have options to straighten teeth using one of the most popular methods available: Inman Aligners.

Getting straight teeth does not have to be stressful or embarrassing and with the Inman Aligner, discretion and comfort are some of the most appealing benefits. As aligner orthodontics have been proven successful, we find that more adults are seeking smile improvement that they have wanted for years. With the Inman Aligner, a variety of concerns can be comfortably addressed.

Some of the reasons why aligner orthodontics have become so popular include:


Conventional orthodontia with its brackets and wires has been known to cause discomfort. The sharp corners and edges of brackets can catch on lips and cheeks, causing cuts and / or sores. When wires are tightened, discomfort from additional pressure can linger for days. Aligners are made of clear, durable plastic. They form to the teeth and have no parts that protrude to cause discomfort or tissue damage.


Clear plastic aligners are so discreet that most people cannot tell you are wearing them. This is a far cry from the obvious look of metal. Conventional braces cannot be hidden. For teens, the appearance of metal braces can be heightened in a fun way with brightly colored bands. For the adult who wants straighter teeth, the goal is typically to accomplish this goal as quickly and discretely as possible.


One of the negative aspects of conventional bracket-and-wire braces is that certain foods can be problematic. In order to avoid lengthy cleaning or damage to appliances, some foods, such as popcorn, must be given up for a time. The Inman Aligner is a removable system that facilitates ongoing freedom to eat what you choose. The removable feature also means that it is possible to keep teeth and gums cleaner and healthier throughout treatment.

If your smile does not currently meet your standards, we can help. You may not need metal braces to see your goals achieved. Meadows Dental Care offers excellent orthodontic options to meet your needs. Contact our office at 01733 514666 to schedule your consultation for a straighter smile.

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Straight Teeth with Inman Aligner - Getting straight teeth a pleasant process with the Inman Aligner

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