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Teeth Whitening

One of the ways we make a good first impression is by confidently showing our smile. When teeth are bright and healthy looking, we are perceived as having favourable qualities such as friendliness, sincerity, integrity, and success. Perhaps an even better aspect of having a beautiful smile is how we feel about ourselves. Teeth whitening from your Peterborough dentist can enhance your smile and elevate your sense of confidence.
Teeth whitening is a simple procedure in which years of stains can be removed from tooth enamel. The process begins in our office where we listen to your concerns and wishes for your smile. Teeth are examined and any existing dental problems are handled before whitening so that irritation does not occur. We take impressions of upper and lower arches, and send a model of your dentition to our dental lab, where custom-fitted trays are made of durable material.
In a subsequent visit, you will be provided with your whitening trays and a supply of whitening solution. The solution that is used by dentists contains the precise amount of carbamide peroxide necessary to safely yet effectively dissolve stain molecules in the pores of tooth enamel.
Whitening with your dentist is the best way to achieve your brightest smile. Not only is the concentration of whitening gel ideal for optimal results, but the customized whitening tray maximizes the potential of our whitening solution, keeping it against tooth enamel and preventing leakage to nearby gum tissue.
The discolouration of teeth does not occur overnight. Teeth become dull and yellow as a result of tiny molecules within foods and beverages like tea and berries. Stains may also result from the use of certain medications or habits such as smoking. Professional teeth whitening services are typically effective at removing a variety of stains. The extent of whitening, however, and the speed at which stains are removed, may vary based on the severity of stains.
Professional home whitening services have been used for over a decade by people all over the world. This method of stain removal has been proven safe and effective with low instances of sensitivity.
Experience your best smile! Contact Meadows Dental Care at 01733 711019 for your consultation with one of our experienced dentists.

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