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Dermal Fillers

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Reduce the signs of age with fuller, softer skin under the careful eye of our highly trained dentists.

At Meadows Dental Care, we are experts in facial aesthetics and want to help you look and feel as confident and happy as possible.

Dermal Fillers

That’s why we offer patients dermal fillers; a helpful hand in the fight against ageing skin.

Dermal fillers primarily work by adding volume to the skin. When injected into wrinkles or creases, the dermal fillers will help to ‘plump’ them up, making them appear smoother and filled.

We can use also use dermal fillers to plump thin lips and restore shape, enhance the cheeks or to fill out the hollow area under the eyes.

Once we have determined the area that you would like to change, the treatment is quick and easy. During a 30-minute appointment, the dermal filler will be injected directly into the affected area. Although you might experience redness following the injections, this will settle quickly. Within two to three weeks of treatment you’ll be able to see the full results.

If you’d like to book an anti-ageing consultation, please click here or call 01733 711019.

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Patients of all ages are welcomed at Meadows Dental Care; we have the expertise and equipment to address a wide variety of dental problems. From our extensive menu of services, you will find what you are looking for when you want the best care for your smile.

Five reasons you will Meadows Dental Care

We offer services that cater to anxious patients!

Our dentists and support staff are experienced and very friendly.

We provide care using gentle, up-to-date techniques and the finest materials.

We can handle the dental needs of your whole family.

Our team is committed to continued education and training.

Are you ready to experience dentistry that actually leaves you feeling better about your smile – and your dentist? Contact Meadows Dental Care at 01733 711019 to schedule your visit.