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Routine Treatment

Routine Treatment Price
Exam £55.50
Child Exam £23.00
New Patient Consultation £77.50
includes radiographs
New Child Consultation £36.50
Emergency Appointment £82.50
Radiographs From £12.00
Fillings From £141.00 - £270.50
Crowns From £660.00
Inlays From £576.00
Veneers From £660.50
Hygiene Visit 30 Mins £68.00
Hygiene Visit 45 Mins £101.50
Oral Surgery Price
Tooth Extraction From £131.00
Surgical Tooth Extraction From £218.50
Root Canal Therapy Price
Open and Dress to Start RCT £111.00
Anterior Tooth £462.50
Premolar Tooth £575.50
Molar Tooth £722.50
Tooth Whitening Price
Home Whitening £475.00
Intermediate Whitening £645.00
Advanced Whitening £945.00
In office Whitening £200.00
Non Vital Whitening £200.00
Orthodontics Price
Six Month Smiles Fixed From £2950.00
Invisalign From £2000.00-£4995.00
Bite Splints and Mouthguards Price
Michigan Bite Splint £475.00
Sleep Clench Inhibitor £387.00
Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard £88.00

Fees as of 1st April 2021.

For treatments not listed please discuss with you Dentist


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