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Dental Braces in Peterborough

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Dental treatment can include braces designed specifically for your needs by your dentist in Peterborough

The smile can be one of our greatest features. While there are many who give very little thought to the effect of the smile, there are millions for whom the smile is more of a source of embarrassment than pride. The team at Meadows Dental Care feels passionate about helping patients achieve the oral health and appearance that will enhance their wellbeing and confidence. When misalignment is an issue, patients benefit the most from dental care that includes braces suited to their specific needs. If you live in the Peterborough area and want to improve the look of your smile, we invite you to contact our office to learn about your options.

The health benefits of alignment

There are several reasons that one may want to seek orthodontic treatment. As it relates to oral health, proper alignment of teeth is extremely important. Teeth are mutually beneficial to one another, when one is out of place, it provides limited support to those around it. The alignment of teeth is also important to gum health. When teeth are not positioned in a straight line, especially when there is overcrowding and tight spaces, the gums are at significant risk for inflammation and infection. This is because tiny crevices between teeth provide a place for bacteria to hide; and where there are bacteria, there is acidic by-product.

The acidic by-product excreted by tiny microorganisms adds up to gum disease as well as an increased incidence of cavities. In order to limit the areas in which bacteria can accumulate, one may need to address misalignment with orthodontic treatment.

The cosmetic benefits of alignment

One of the primary reasons that patients seek orthodontic care is to improve the look of their smile. Of course, we all deserve to feel proud of our smile. This is, after all, the feature that people most remember us for. Straightening the teeth leads to an improvement in the way the smile looks and also, in many cases, how the lips fit around teeth. Problems such as protrusion of the front teeth affect the entire facial profile and can make a person feel extremely self-conscious.

Your dentist provides the personal attention you need to achieve your best smile. Call Meadows Dental Care at 01733 711019.

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Dental Braces in Peterborough - Dental treatment can include braces designed specifically for your needs by your dentist in Peterborough


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Patients of all ages are welcomed at Meadows Dental Care; we have the expertise and equipment to address a wide variety of dental problems. From our extensive menu of services, you will find what you are looking for when you want the best care for your smile.

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Are you ready to experience dentistry that actually leaves you feeling better about your smile – and your dentist? Contact Meadows Dental Care at 01733 711019 to schedule your visit.